Let’s celebrate the adventure of love

A special date, a surprise proposal, the day of your wedding or your anniversary … There are many moments in life that deserve to be remembered.


You want to celebrate your love in style, but not as others would.


You would like to experience it more intimate, more conscious, more personal.


What if we told you that it is possible to celebrate your big day in an original, unique and different way?


The two of you, nature in its purest state and all our creativity at the service of a single desire.



Give you an unforgettable moment.

A unique experience

For people who want to live a unique and special moment, plenty of details they can remember forever.

Dream places

Dream locations in the beautiful forests of the Basque Country, with settings of spectacular beauty.

100% sustainable

We create events with the minimum possible impact on the environment. With sustainable and respectful materials with our planet.

Your way

So that your memory is a true reflection of what you are and feel, regardless of what others think.

Enjoying each moment, without stress or worries, being able to treasure every second.

An intimate event

A day where everything will focus on you, sharing your love only with those ones who are important to you.

For lovers of nature

A reunion with mother nature. For adventurous people who want to celebrate their love in a different way, without protocol or artifice.

Hello! We are Pía and María. Creators of Forest Love



Lockdown brought us together, but we are convinced that we were predestined to do something great.


Forest Love emerged as a response to our couples at a very delicate moment, a beautiful coincidence that led to this wonderful madness.


Dreamy, adventurous and creative, our passion for designing unique experiences and our love for nature have given life to this beautiful project.

Forest Love it is the result of a common dream. Something that has been waiting for us for a long time.


A totally revolutionary concept that goes far beyond a photo shoot in the forest. And where we are going to put all our experience, creativity and love so that you can live a magical moment that you will remember forever.

Forest Love is a declaration of intent.
An adventure for those who dare to live their love without limits.

What do the first brave people who have already tried Forest Love say?

Forest Love – Dabaq – Ziortza & Saioa

How does Forest Love work?

Each Forest Love is unique, like you.

5 steps to design the adventure of your dreams:

1. First contact

Contact us through our form or leave us an email to make our first appointment.

2. Designing your Forest Love

We design the entire process together, providing ideas, proposing the best locations and offering you everything you need to bring your dream to life.

3. Materializing your dream

Once the date is closed, we finalize the details and close the contract.

4. Your Forest Love comes to life

The big day arrives. You will no longer have to worry about anything, we take care that everything turns out perfect.

5. Cherish it forever

We document each of the moments so you can remember them forever.

S.V. 2021


We present you three different creations, so you can find the one that best suits what you are looking for.


With any of them you will surprise the person you love, and you will be able to have a memory that you will treasure forever. In addition to being something unique, in a dream place and 100% sustainable.


We introduce our proposals to you!


A totally unforgettable experience, completely yours.

Live the adventure of love.

Would you like to live a magical moment and remember it forever?


Write to us through our contact form or send us an email to info@theforestlove.com


We will be happy to make your dream come true.

Lehendakari Agirre, 27 lonja - 48140 Igorre - Bizkaia (Euskadi)

Pía (+34) 665 506 098

María (+34) 657 718 470